Safe and secure your Mac with Avast antivirus

An antivirus is as essential to the modern day computer as clothing is for humans. The increased threat of spam and virus attacks on the internet has made its importance even more critical. Avast antivirus provides multilayer protection for the Mac. The antivirus extends its system fortification to the areas of File system, E-mail spam & malware, Virus infiltrated websites, system firewall and so forth. The antivirus works in several modes when it comes to the protection of Mac.  The software is made available to the wide spectrum of internet user community in many versions. The basic free version covers the fundamental and most threatened areas of

  • Protection against upcoming and existing Mac virus population
  • Protection against malware and Trojans that can disturb the Mac file system right from the root directory level

The other advanced paid versions include Professional, Internet security and Premier. The professional version includes many new aspects that are fast becoming regular features. The e-commerce brought in the age of online payment. Connectivity with banks meant an invitation to the increased number of hacking. Professional version gives maximum protection to every online bank transaction carried out. It filters the suspicious incoming data packets and blocks such items permanently.

The firewalls are normally erected between the external network and the internal LAN. When the Avast antivirus is installed on either a database or an internet server, it extends its shielding to the client PCs also. One can buy appropriate number of user licenses with a centralized server update. Any update in the software is automatically detected by the server edition and is automatically downloaded onto the client systems also.

The Avast antivirus database is a huge collection of virus patterns and their attacking modes. The signature of the modern virus is becoming very complex and sometimes, the chances of missing out and letting in a potential threat is high in the web world, especially when the number of incoming mails is on the high. Every mail on the Mac is filtered and scanned for virus. In this aspect, one may find the reading of mails a bit slower, but the wait is worth the protection value delivered by the software.

There are many versions of Avast antivirus for Mac, namely Home edition , professional edition and enterprise editions. The options for complete scan, scanning of local drives and mounted volumes, scanning of network & virtual volumes and custom scan are available.

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